Caltek Solar

Caltek Solar provides complete renewable energy solutions tailored to your needs and level of investment. CALTEK Solar recommendations are based on thorough understanding of the solar and renewable energy market and bottom line financial considerations governing the customers’ investments.

Why Should I Go Solar Today?

Reduce Your Cost of Living

Thanks to advances in technology, solar power is becoming more affordable. The investment is ultimately one that offers significant returns.

Energy Prices on the Rise

Increases in electricity rates have impacted on cost of living for households and businesses. Now is the time to go solar.

Battery Storage is Here

With battery storage, you can have solar generated power running your home even after the sun goes down.

Solar is Sustainable

Go solar today! Solar power, unlike other energy sources, is abundantly available.

Become an Energy Efficient

Electricity generated via your own solar system means that you’ll draw less electricity from the grid, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.

Source of Revenue

Excess solar power may be sold back to the grid when you produce more power than your load requirement

View Our Latest Projects

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3.48 kWp Grid-tie Residence, CDO (Completed).
14.85 kWp Grid-tie Solar water supply, Kibawe Bukidnon (Completed).
3.5 kWp Grid-tie Residence, CDO (Completed).
7.0kWp Hybrid Residence, CDO (Completed).
5.0 kWp Grid-tie Residence, CDO (Completed).